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About Us

Entrance to Independence Plus, Inc. An independent care facility located in Crookston, MN. Independence Plus, Inc. was established in 1993. The company was formed as a result of a family member needing services. However, there was not a Personal Care Agency in northwest Minnesota that was willing or able to provide care. Independence Plus, Inc. is contracted with the State of Minnesota to provide the services we offer. Private for Pay services we offer are covered under the appropriate license.

Independence Plus, Inc. is a for profit family business. Our agency follows the Federal, State, and Local Department of Human Services, regulations set down for our agency and are audited by them. Most of our services are offered to Medicaid clients who must qualify for medical assistance or one of the Medicaid waiver programs.

We service over 200 clients and employ around 185 people to provide care.

Our clients have the option of choosing their own Personal Care Attendant as long as the optional care attendant has not committed any crime that would hinder them passing a criminal background check. They must also complete the screening and orientation of Independence Plus, Inc. Even though, the client may help us find a care attendant, the client can not hire or fire the care attendant. This is the responsibly of Independence Plus, Inc. However, if the client chooses to have us provide a care attendant we will hire one in their area to come in and help them.

Independence Plus, Inc. is responsible for withholding Federal and State taxes, making sure Social Security and Medicare is paid for all employees. We make sure that all employees have passed a criminal background check. Personal Care clients must have a physician’s Statement of Need, as well as a care plan in place before they can start work.

We currently utilize Developmental Disability Specialists (DDS) to visit all recipients in their homes for supervision purposes. Our agency strives to provide Person Centered Services for clients who strive for Independence. We also provide and encourage a backup system so a client is not left without care.

Our Goals

  • Build and Maintain an efficient and effective family business that is essential to the communities we serve.
  • Promote and Expand opportunities for independent living by providing quality, and reliable services.
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    27885 170th Ave. SW
    Crookston, MN 56716-9444
    Ph: (218) 281-3506
    Fax: (218)281-3015
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