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Independence Plus Inc offers a multitude of services including personal care, homemaking, and housekeeping. ALL SERVICE PROGRAMS

Our programs have been developed to give our clients the most control of their services. We strongly encourage our clients to be involved with developing and directing their services, including recruiting staff. With the exception of PCA Choice, we require employees to be 18 or older.
The programs vary in reporting requirements and staff experience. Services marked with * require clients to be eligible for MN Medical Assistance, Prepaid Medical or MN Waiver Program.


The hours are determined by county Public Health and delegated, by the customer, to the agency. The service is flexible, within the care plan, and customers determine and direct their services with the agency supervisor. The agency is responsible for handling the staff, assignments and determining employment details. Recipient is encouraged to be involved in this care as much as they would like to be.


In Home Family Support Services, Personal Support Services and Respite Services are all determined through MN Waiver Programs and have been established to provide specific support to disabled youth, adults and their families. The hours are determined by county workers (public health nurses, social workers, case managers) and delegated to the agency to provide. Our agency has set up these programs to be flexible and allow for individual development to meet the needs of the disabled person. In this manner, the service is flexible and directed by the client/(responsible party) with the agency supervisor and designated county representative.


Homemaking hours are determined by county workers (social workers, case managers) and delegated, by the client, to the agency to provide basic support with homemaking duties integral to maintaining independent living for individuals that meet the criteria for paid services. The services are determined by the state and are directed by clients/(responsible party) with the agency supervisor.


Housekeeping hours are determined by customers that privately pay for services. The services include all homemaking, as well as, some other services. The service is flexible and customers determine and direct their services with the agency supervisor.


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